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(22:22) [tr] hi

[BobArdKor] hi

(22:23) [tr] wanna sex chat

[BobArdKor] =_=

(22:24) [tr] ?

(22:24) [tr] is it yes

[BobArdKor] d =_= b

(22:25) [tr] what are you wearing

[BobArdKor] jelly

(22:26) [tr] and size yout tool

[BobArdKor] |<-------------that long------------->|

(22:26) [tr] in cm

[BobArdKor] yes

[BobArdKor] but I'm using large fonts

(22:27) [tr] tell me size

[BobArdKor] size

(22:27) [tr] 19 cm

(22:27) [tr] 20 cm

(22:27) [tr] 13cm

(22:28) [tr] if you dont tell i will think it is too small

[BobArdKor] i don't use cm

[BobArdKor] 2.3254515 x 10e-18 light-years

(22:29) [tr] is it bigger thanhand

(22:30) [tr] are you naked

[BobArdKor] no, i'm covered with jelly

(22:30) [tr] give me real answer

(22:30) [tr] size of your tool

(22:30) [tr] or im going

[BobArdKor] i told you : 2.3254515 x 10e-18 light-years, do a little calculation for christ's sake

[BobArdKor] have you ever met Christ ?

(22:31) [tr] no

[BobArdKor] his tool is huge

(22:32) [tr] and the result of math

(22:32) [tr] is

[BobArdKor] you'd like him

(22:32) [tr] you have cock like black guys

[BobArdKor] yes

[BobArdKor] not as long, but as black

(22:33) [tr] so

[BobArdKor] i was born like that, it's a kind of disease i think

(22:34) [tr] wanna fuck me

[BobArdKor] well, you didn't say anything about _your_ tool

(22:34) [tr] 19cm

[BobArdKor] how much is that in light-years ?

(22:35) [tr] 20e

[BobArdKor] i somehow doubt it

(22:36) [tr] so wanna fuck or

[BobArdKor] i'd like to see commitment in your words. and i don't :'-(

(22:37) [tr] commitment?

(22:37) [tr] dont kno that word

[BobArdKor] where are you from ?

(22:38) [tr] slovenia

(22:38) [tr] i have 5 minutes

(22:38) [tr] wanna or want

[BobArdKor] oh. i don't do those crazy russians. sorry


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