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[14:23][)Sex-Kocaine(] hi

[14:25][Carla Bruti] ho

[14:26][)Sex-Kocaine(] how are u

[14:27][Carla Bruti] bitter

[14:37][)Sex-Kocaine(] what are u doing

[14:58][Carla Bruti] I'm slitting my wrists

[15:04][)Sex-Kocaine(] mm

[15:06][)Sex-Kocaine(] why slitting your wrists

[15:19][Carla Bruti] cause I enjoy doing so

[15:19][Carla Bruti] and I deserve it

[15:20][)Sex-Kocaine(] why?

[15:20][)Sex-Kocaine(] and like too with cokaine and sex

[15:20][)Sex-Kocaine(] hehe

[15:21][Carla Bruti] u should slit your sex then put cocaine in the wound

[15:22][)Sex-Kocaine(] nice

[15:22][)Sex-Kocaine(] has msn

[15:22][Carla Bruti] phtoto 06

[15:22][)Sex-Kocaine(] i want to see your photo

[15:22][Carla Bruti] have you got youtube ?

[15:23][)Sex-Kocaine(] yes

[15:23][)Sex-Kocaine(] has msn??

[15:23][Carla Bruti] no but has youtube

[15:24][)Sex-Kocaine(] how old are u

[15:24][Carla Bruti] 9

[15:24][)Sex-Kocaine(] 19

[15:24][)Sex-Kocaine(] ??

[15:24][Carla Bruti] 19 what ?

[15:25][)Sex-Kocaine(] year you have

[15:25][Carla Bruti] ohhhhhh

[15:25][Carla Bruti] I have none

[15:25][)Sex-Kocaine(] 9

[15:25][)Sex-Kocaine(] you are baby

[15:25][Carla Bruti] what ?

[15:26][Carla Bruti] I have no year to go

[15:26][Carla Bruti] come on youtube

[15:26][)Sex-Kocaine(] ok

[15:26][Carla Bruti] nice

[15:26][)Sex-Kocaine(] send me

[15:26][Carla Bruti] where should I send you ?

[15:27][)Sex-Kocaine(] like sex

[15:27][Carla Bruti] I send you like sex

[15:27][Carla Bruti] with razor blades

[15:28][Carla Bruti] are you ?

[15:28][)Sex-Kocaine(] like

[15:28][Carla Bruti] like yes

[15:28][)Sex-Kocaine(] iam naked

[15:28][)Sex-Kocaine(] want too see

[15:28][Carla Bruti] like yes

[15:28][Carla Bruti] just send me youtube

[15:28][)Sex-Kocaine(] how

[15:29][)Sex-Kocaine(] only opcion is for msn or yahoo

[15:29][Carla Bruti] like yes

[15:29][)Sex-Kocaine(] has yahoo

[15:29][Carla Bruti] has youtube is much better

[15:30][Carla Bruti] can see the movie and like yes

[15:30][)Sex-Kocaine(] but in youtube no work my camera in line

[15:30][Carla Bruti] in line of cocaine

[15:30][Carla Bruti] you like ketamin ?

[15:31][Carla Bruti] is very fun party like yes

[15:31][)Sex-Kocaine(] yes

[15:31][)Sex-Kocaine(] maked you msn

[15:31][)Sex-Kocaine(] has web camera?

[15:31][Carla Bruti] ketamin + sleeping pills and vodka is good for party all night

[15:31][Carla Bruti] has just youtube :(

[15:32][)Sex-Kocaine(] yeahh

[15:32][Carla Bruti] are you maked ?

[15:32][Carla Bruti] like yes

[15:32][)Sex-Kocaine(] how is you nick in ypoutube or how is?

[15:32][Carla Bruti] yes ?

[15:33][Carla Bruti] I think I am going to puke, brb

[15:33][)Sex-Kocaine(] what is puke

[15:35][Carla Bruti] I am emptying myself

[15:35][Carla Bruti] it's fun but I've put a lot of it on the walls

[15:35][Carla Bruti] do you like puke ?

[15:36][)Sex-Kocaine(] what is

[15:37][Carla Bruti] is like when you eat a lot and throw up

[15:37][Carla Bruti] tastes a bit acid

[15:37][Carla Bruti] has lots of vitamin and is fun

[15:38][Carla Bruti] like yes, a bit

[15:39][)Sex-Kocaine(] my msn

[15:39][)Sex-Kocaine(] is

[15:39][)Sex-Kocaine(] *****-****@hotmail.com

[15:39][)Sex-Kocaine(] you?

[15:39][Carla Bruti] my msn is broken

[15:40][)Sex-Kocaine(] mmmm

[15:40][Carla Bruti] you like so ?

[15:40][Carla Bruti] is very hot you

[15:40][)Sex-Kocaine(] yeahh

[15:41][Carla Bruti] how do live from ?

[15:41][Carla Bruti] you I mean

[15:41][)Sex-Kocaine(] in peru

[15:41][)Sex-Kocaine(] you

[15:41][Carla Bruti] not in peru

[15:42][Carla Bruti] is you like llama ?

[15:42][)Sex-Kocaine(] how is your vagina hehe ilike

[15:42][Carla Bruti] fine thank you

[15:42][)Sex-Kocaine(] llama is animal

[15:42][Carla Bruti] though it has been itching a lot these days

[15:43][Carla Bruti] one day I think I'll rip my arms off

[15:43][Carla Bruti] with my teeth

[15:44][Carla Bruti] do you find that sexy hot ?

[15:45][)Sex-Kocaine(] yes

[15:45][Carla Bruti] I think so too

[15:45][)Sex-Kocaine(] i want sex with you

[15:45][)Sex-Kocaine(] in your bed

[15:45][Carla Bruti] or in a graveyard

[15:46][Carla Bruti] so you can bury me afterwards

[15:46][)Sex-Kocaine(] yeahh

[15:46][Carla Bruti] do u have a shovel ?

[15:47][)Sex-Kocaine(] yes

[15:47][Carla Bruti] I could shove it up your butt

[15:47][Carla Bruti] it would be lot fun sexy like yes

[15:48][)Sex-Kocaine(] lol

[15:48][Carla Bruti] you like it ?

[15:48][)Sex-Kocaine(] hehe

[15:48][)Sex-Kocaine(] want talk for msn

[15:48][)Sex-Kocaine(] is best

[15:49][Carla Bruti] I can't talk for msn but I'm sure he'd think so too

[15:49][Carla Bruti] I have in the bilouque

[15:50][Carla Bruti] and I want to popaul

[15:50][Carla Bruti] like yes

[15:56][)Sex-Kocaine(] where are u from

[15:57][Carla Bruti] you from peru ?

[15:57][)Sex-Kocaine(] yes

[15:57][)Sex-Kocaine(] you

[15:57][Carla Bruti] yes

[15:57][)Sex-Kocaine(] ??

[15:57][)Sex-Kocaine(] you

[15:57][Carla Bruti] ohhhh

[15:58][Carla Bruti] I am not

[15:58][Carla Bruti] but I'm sure peru is beautifool

[15:58][)Sex-Kocaine(] where are from

[15:58][)Sex-Kocaine(] what is your country

[15:58][Carla Bruti] are who

[15:58][Carla Bruti] le france

[15:58][)Sex-Kocaine(] o nice

[15:58][Carla Bruti] very fromage

[15:59][)Sex-Kocaine(] i like woman france

[15:59][Carla Bruti] me too

[15:59][)Sex-Kocaine(] what is your name

[15:59][Carla Bruti] ginette

[15:59][)Sex-Kocaine(] ýoyouyou

[16:00][Carla Bruti] I think

[16:00][Carla Bruti] have you got a lot of fromage in peru ?

[16:00][)Sex-Kocaine(] you are woman yes?

[16:00][Carla Bruti] i like woman france like yes

[16:01][)Sex-Kocaine(] iam boy you girl

[16:01][)Sex-Kocaine(] ??

[16:01][Carla Bruti] I don't know ? you boy ?

[16:01][)Sex-Kocaine(] yes

[16:01][)Sex-Kocaine(] but you

[16:01][)Sex-Kocaine(] girl?

[16:02][Carla Bruti] me what

[16:02][)Sex-Kocaine(] you lady yes?

[16:02][Carla Bruti] ohhhhhhh

[16:02][Carla Bruti] like

[16:02][Carla Bruti] I should take more ketamin

[16:02][Carla Bruti] I don't understand like yes

[16:03][Carla Bruti] where u from ?

[16:03][)Sex-Kocaine(] peru

[16:03][Carla Bruti] nice

[16:03][)Sex-Kocaine(] how is your vagina

[16:03][)Sex-Kocaine(] tell me about you body

[16:04][Carla Bruti] it's sour and salty

[16:04][Carla Bruti] with a fragrance of ozone

[16:04][)Sex-Kocaine(] lol

[16:04][)Sex-Kocaine(] and you boobs

[16:05][Carla Bruti] they're vengeful and nauseous

[16:05][Carla Bruti] with a little umbrella on the top


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