What The Fuck is Breakcore ?

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[BobArdKor] WTF is breakcore ?Hide

* Entered room Breakcore

[flick-knives-and-splinters] what is breakcore?

[nonprophet] it s a question you ask in this question....

[elementabuse] 'breakcore is.....everything you want it to be'

[elementabuse] 'breakcore is.....never what you want it to be'

[MonoNuclear] what is break core?

[slugge] mainly olympic swimmer artists with no hair on them

[slugge] sometimes they do have hair but then it ususally does'nt sounds as good

[tsdrummer] what is breakcore

[BobArdKor] garlic-stuffed bunnies

[evilishness] breakcore is the sound of granny breaking her hip

[The_Noize_Terrorist] yeah breakcore is where its at nowadays, havent you heard

[The_Noize_Terrorist] man you are SOOO yesterday

[AmokVrS]breakkore is when you take a bunch of sounds that dont go together sequence them as if a 5yr old got a hold of your sequencer, and then play it at speed thats 6times the original tempo of the sample

[AmokVrS] do all that when youre drunk

[AmokVrS] and you have a hit

[Obzzkoluumm] im not a big fan of samples thou

[toecutter] ?? what?

[toecutter] not a big fan of samples?

[toecutter] what is a "sample"?

[SeanDeathCore] whats breakcore!?

[FoRkBiTeR] a virus invented by Illuminati which turns you into a fanatic vegan

[like a suicide] what the fuck is breakcore?

[zkoa] breakcore is more hard listening than your mom

[blaerg] breakcore is a combination of anything and everything - with an emphasis on very fast / distorted / twisted beats

[blaerg] and no adherence to structure like jungle or *shudder* drum N bass

[againstme!] wat exactly is breakcore?

[againstme!] ive never heard of it

[chious] breakcore is like goatrance but cooler

[dusk governor] wtf is a goat rance ?

[marlo77] breakcore is truly infected

[chaRles MansoN] what is breakcore ?

[Schweinhund] nothing you have to worry about

[THe_HEad] now when someone asks you "what the fuck is breakcore" tell them that breakcore is handling baggage for airplanes for 4 hours without having any sleep and than waiting 6 bloody hours for your tutor who probably wants to tell you that you get expelled from school because not attending lectures

[THe_HEad] hmm thats a rather long definition.

[ssfh] but its allmost correct

[||-_-||] except u missed out the bells on bit

[THe_HEad] what bells

[KNAR] bells and some whistles

[THe_HEad] what about void synthesis

[KNAR] what about it?

[THe_HEad] U started the whole musickal instrument theme

* SN.EL @ gusset - the imagination is in the spelling

[THe_HEad] i don't wanna talk about it

[||-_-||] oh

[Fboy] Breakcore is a parish in the district and a suburb of Funchal in the Madeira Islands. The parish is also known as Nossa Senhora do Monte. The population in 2001 is 7,444, its density is 399.1/km˛ and the area is 18.65 km˛. It is located a few kilometres east of Funchal and is near the road linking Funchal and Faial at approximately at the 4th km. The main industry are businesses. The mountains are to the north. Monte is between 600 and 800 m above sea level. The church is called Nossa Senhora do Monte which was first opened in 1741.

[whitney houston] tribal house pwns in brazil because of gay people

[k5k] breakcore is ousider pop music made with fruityloops

[Divest] Out of curiousity, what IS breakcore?

[Fboy] it is a large finnish man eating donuts, while riding a penny farthing and shouting 'tango de la muerve' at passers by

[fucking shithead] no it is a badly spelled verb

[fucking shithead] it is like not music at all and more like a vegetable

[rastaBOI] wot is breakcore

[electromeca] kinda over-burnt breakbeat, w/ a serious dose of silliness

[illyo] epileptic monkeys on acid dancing on drums

[illyo] thats wat breakcore is

[landser84] i've never heard the term break core b4

[landser84] so what is it?

[ssfh] it's a game

[ssfh] u come in and ask wtf is breakcore

[hyenareborn] breakcore was first inroduced in 1879

[ssfh] and we give dumbass remarcs about it and call u names

[hyenareborn] in an anglican community in west virginia

[ssfh] u fucking fuck

[landser84] well, never heard the term b4, you fucking fuck

[ssfh] I like u allready

[hyenareborn] some kids put a sign on the oratory door sayng:" enter here if u want breakcore"

[hyenareborn] then, one day a foreign came,

[hyenareborn] saw the sign , entered the oratory

[ssfh] and...

[landser84] dun dun dun.....

[hyenareborn] and asked gently:

[hyenareborn] "sorry guys, WTF is this breakcore?"

[hyenareborn] the kids started inventing strange tales bout river crossing on handmade boats...

[hyenareborn] then killed the foreign and ate his liver

[hyenareborn] end of the story

[The Maximum Frase] hahaha... someone explain breakcore to me

[rev777?] breakcore is like the relief and warm fuzzy feeling you get when you wet the bed....which is short lived before the cold reality kicks in

[rev777?] it felt like a good idea at the time

[The_Noize_Terrorist] its about breakthrough, the boardgame

[The_Noize_Terrorist] we are hardcore breakthrough gamers!

[like a suicide] haha,nahh really?

[The_Noize_Terrorist] yeah really

[The_Noize_Terrorist] we were just talking about a tournament we held last friday

[like a suicide] what kind of game is it

[docikoki] breakcore is the new skatepunk

[lexo1000] xwhat is breakcore??

[Jakecore] breakcore is the feeling you get after you just raped a small boy, the feeling of joy mixed with guilt.

[CyanideXXX] What's breakcore?

[casio vibe] its a breakfast

[casio vibe] that involves an apple

[sghiccio] what is the breakcore ?

[F_T_U] a cocktail

[F_T_U] i think

[F_T_U] i'm not sure

[accusednz] no you cool

[accusednz] it's brand of electronic things

[accusednz] like microwaves

[sghiccio] what is the microwaves? industrial music ?

[bob@work] industrial ovens

[sghiccio] ovens ?

[bob@work] ovens.

[accusednz] yes ovens

[accusednz] to make things hot

[accusednz] breakcore is the best brand around

[sghiccio] ther are many italy here ?

[bob@work] well there's the little one

[bob@work] and the regular one

[accusednz] yes

[bob@work] I don't know about any other italies

[accusednz] but you also have the breakcore extreme

[accusednz] i mean

[accusednz] WHAT AN OVEN!!!!!!!

[bob@work] top-class oven

[accusednz] i'm saving for one

[sghiccio] thing done recommend me of the kind?

[accusednz] well, the breakcore extreme is the best you can get

[accusednz] it's bigger then any other oven you've seen

[accusednz] many functions and presets

[accusednz] it's great

[bob@work] I could stay for hours watching it turn

[svetaolik] WHAT IS THE 'BREAKCORE'.... please...

[lsd...] its very good. thank you

[svetaolik] what bands... name it... please...

[Majut$u] teehee

[Majut$u] bands :3

[snuff_bunny666] bands lol

[svetaolik] some kind of BREAKBEAT, or...!?

[BobArdKor] it is TEH band

[BobArdKor] A band brought by Odin

[BobArdKor] to enlight us all

[lsd...] umm. its very fast has anawfull amout of wonderfull breaks.. ver kinda jungleriffick.. umm you get very very fucked asnd rave like a mutha fuker to it.

[svetaolik] is it all american artists...

[lsd...] mostly uk.

[svetaolik] coz.... never heard of themmm...

[ilsa Gold] www.c8.com

[BobArdKor] [ilsa Gold] www.c8.com < shhh

[svetaolik] i think it is not my kind of music...

[BobArdKor] lemme do my job !

[ilsa Gold] yeah you're right

[Majut$u] ur not supposed to give c8 out :<

[Majut$u] u'll go to hell if u give c8 out

[svetaolik] thanx guys....

[svetaolik] and girls... :)

[Majut$u] u'll make the scene mainstream! ;_;

[Majut$u] lol

[daesfunka] the scene is mainstream already

[daesfunka] sorry

[nottherealMain$treaM] breakcore is a crazy fat cat women jumping on your tin roof, whilst smashing a bag of nails and screaming alot.

[EdenIsBurning] what the hell is breakcore

[death by dior] not hell, fuck

[death by dior] you have it wrong

[7U?] hell is the place jesus sends the bad people

[elementabuse] i remember this place used to be about the music

[elementabuse] now it's all product placement and celebrities

[dj_pacific] lol

[Saxenhammer] im here for the lols

[Saxenhammer] thanks nick

[dj_pacific] np

[dj_pacific] oh how the mighty have fallen

[dj_pacific] I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix, angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night...

[zehl] breakcore = nazi reggae

[deathbloom] my mom says that if i listen to too much breakcore my dick will shrink and then turn into a clit


[minaximal] battering yourself in the head

[minaximal] nicely

[ichsuchedowntown] hey i'm from germany

[producer snafu] that's where breakcore started

[producer snafu] kids there started beatboxen at the local cheese shop

[producer snafu] and then david hasselhoff heard about it

[producer snafu] now he is making breakocre too

[producer snafu] that david hasselhoff is a very good singer

[Main$treaM] break core is shit BASS N DRUM CORE is where it's at

[BobArdKor] http://www.googlism.com/what_is/b/breakcore/

[BobArdKor] breakcore is balanced by an interest in well

[BobArdKor] breakcore is available here

[ichsuchedowntown] yeah what does it sound like?

[producer snafu] it's a subgenre of raggaeton

[producer snafu] it sounds like sisco and usher

[ichsuchedowntown] ain't that r'n'b?

[producer snafu] its basicly like rap for nerdy black people

[producer snafu] since the music isnt accepted into hip hop

[pbf] its like krunkcore but with fat white goth girls

[[{-_-}]V3ktr0n[{-_-}]] i saw the painffree ..

[BobArdKor] breakcore is godzilla

[BobArdKor] breakcore is more your style for the day

[BobArdKor] breakcore is the coolest music on earth

[Lest@t] breakcore c koi exactment comme truc?

[NaTaS] c'est comme monter ŕ une échele sans barreau (ie. "it's like climbing to a ladder with no bars")

[Beaufort Cummings] hello

[Beaufort Cummings] what is breakcore

[batty bwoy] its a trick question that is rhetoricall

[orabugento] whats breakcore? can someone explain?

[Saxenhammer] none of us know

[producer snafu] its like guitars with congos

[producer snafu] kinda like regae

[paska] very disturbed music

[Saxenhammer] when its done properly

[oliocore] breakcore is the calm before the atom splits

[retrigger] a girl i used to date described a breakcore track like a little ant tryin to cross a highway

[Order of the Gash] breakcore, the devil, and more

[xwaist.of.paintx] makes me giggle

[deathbloom] breakcore is the name of my bisexual brazilian friend

[rejwer88] breakcore is 3 dicks in an open wound

[anymaniac] breakcore is five brains and 20 limbs in one funkdrummer

[deathsitcom] breakcore is when the one passes sperm to the other

[slsk junky] so this is like a undercover gaychat ?

[boomyak2] yeah, when i say: "hey how are you" that's really breakscore for: "i wanna stick my penis in your rectum"

[Tom_carpe_diem] what the hell is breakcore?

[ObsoleteSystems] it's a gun barrel in the ass of a monkey...

[Tom_carpe_diem] gotta love that gun barrel in the ass of a monkey

[deathsitcom] as long as you're not the monkey

[Junior Samples aka 9mm] it sounds like a pig fighting a jackhammer in a thunderstorm

[Tom_carpe_diem] sounds a bit like grindcore then i guess

[Junior Samples aka 9mm] not really- but grindcore rules

[Junior Samples aka 9mm] the closest grind gets to break is libido airbag

[Junior Samples aka 9mm] and tourette syndrom

[blisteringcannibal] what is breakcore?

[dystop] the sound of vektron raping yo mama

[-[)[)-ThaShadow] hummzzz so u r all gay huh? u like banging asses?

[MonkSinSpace] drill n (b)ass

[-ShredZ-] thats right

[dystop] or possible, the sound of yo papas pelvis breaking.

[ill jungle] what is breakcore

[paska] music

[ObsoleteSystems] it's an enima with boiling water

[ill jungle] im sure it is

[ObsoleteSystems] and the boiling water breaks your core

[ObsoleteSystems] hence the name

[paska] kinda like drum n bass but not at all

[ill jungle] sounds wack

[ObsoleteSystems] but...it's only an enima given to junglists

[ill jungle] oh it like d+b

[ObsoleteSystems] who are trying to spin jungle at the same time

[BobArdKor] holy shit, not dnb

[paska] try some

[paska] youll like it

[ObsoleteSystems] dnb is gay

[ill jungle] im a jungle fan

[paska] yeah it is jungle is better

[ill jungle] no its not

[ObsoleteSystems] c'mon over and i'll give you the enima..and you can try to spin my Technical Itch records

[ObsoleteSystems] while i give you the boiling enima

[ill jungle] itss the same thing its a beat

[ill jungle] not that i mean 2 b arguin sorry

[ill jungle] it up 2 any1 what they think

[ObsoleteSystems] ha ha ha

[ObsoleteSystems] technical itch got his name because had a breakcore once

[ill jungle] who is a well known breakcore producer then so i can try 2 identify

[ill jungle] is it a usa term

[paska] hmm who would be

[paska] usa is gay anyway

[ill jungle] is breakcore a uk thing

[BobArdKor] it's a lithuanian thing

[paska] its europe thingy

[ill jungle] oh i c

[mrthy666] just listen to all the praxis records

[ObsoleteSystems] it's a CZECH REPUBLIC thing

[mrthy666] sure Europe is besser

[BobArdKor] with polish and siamese influences

[LFOdemon] I thought it´s a game where a bunch of adolescents sits in internet cafes at nighttimes and then they

give signals like "hut-hut.---oooh" to each other to show the other members of their clan the strategy on the battlefield

[Deacon_808] do you know what room your in?

[modz wayne] yeah it's about cooking hum?

[Deacon_808] have you ever listened to breakcore?

[modz wayne] yeah it's kinda pop with an ethnic flavour

[nonprophet] breakcore's dead!!long live NOIZE GRIME!!!!

[frenchdread] what is breakcore? some kind of breakbeat?

[Fboy] breakcore is Rob Gee played at 78 through a gramaphone

[Fboy] and the gramaphone has teeth which it spits out at you

[Fboy] and the teeth have tiny little mouths and the mouths are saying "freemasons run the country!"

[docikoki] breakcore is that warm feeling you get inside when you hold hands with your special someone

[landser84] did you see stevie wonder's new album

[landser84] NEITHER DID HE

[ssfh] whooha

[hyenareborn] ..............................

[hyenareborn] sorry but this is not breakcore humour

[hyenareborn] we are very strict about moral boundaries

[ssfh] not at all



[hyenareborn] ............

[djamg] What is breakcore?

[Driftwood] music to rape children to

[djamg] That doesn't sound very good... :(

[djamg] lol

[Driftwood] depends on your taste really

[elementabuse] what's breakcore?

[in-ToXiC-ated] breakcore is...

breakcore couple

[Carnage1] wats breackcore

[Fboy] its music where the main character has to jump

on platforms in a 2 dimensional world to acheive a


[Fboy] usually to rescue a princess of some


[Carnage1] crap then

[Fboy] nah dude, have you ever played mario punch out?

[Fboy] classic breakcore

[Carnage1] really mario punch out i was wrong

[Deacon_808] that better be on the website^^^^

[Fboy] I don't think any of the archivists are on

[Fboy] damn you bobardcor... downloading my tech itch

and ignoring my class breakcore quotes

[bobardkor] ( sure, but i have spies...>:p )

Logged by Deacon_808 on #Breakcore on SLSK 25-1-05 8:49 PM

[diagramraver] why is break core so damn good?

[dj_pacific] it's just u mate.

[dj_pacific] We all think it's shit.

[Schizoid_DTRASH] breakcore also involves anal beads

[Schizoid_DTRASH] and other kinds of hot oils

[batty bwoy] and MeTH

[hyena666] and obviously...Pooooo!!!

[Schizoid_DTRASH] Poo poo and pee pee

[Schizoid_DTRASH] Huhuhuhuhuhuhuh

[Schizoid_DTRASH] Yeah, yeah mhheheheheheheh

[hyena666] dum de dum de dum de DOOM!

[echodolo] today i woke up with breakcore spooning me. i don't remeber bringing breakcore home with me last night. but then again i was pretty drunk!!


[Invisible Reptile] breakcore is the smell of a 10 years old dead whore in vinegar

[metal babble] breakcore is a nine year old boy fanning a fart in your face and calling you a sissy

[atturra] what is breakcore?

[helicopterface] musical brick-throwing

[ShengLong] breackore=80%masturbation20%filler

[ShengLong] it's kinda like grindcore

[-=(Jah_Uli)=-] but in a nice way

[ShengLong] yeah

[ShengLong] fo shure

[vinyl vandal] masturbation is a fun way to pass the time

[Synthe.Labo] *_____________________*

[-=(Jah_Uli)=-] portishead is a nice way to pass the time

[ShengLong] i've never seen a portis

[vinyl vandal] what about giving portishead?

[elementabuse] cos portis isnt gay

[ShengLong] overgrow appears to be a good site

[Synthe.Labo] portishedea

[Synthe.Labo] never said something to me

[Main$treaM] answer me blaerg you you fat talentless cunt...fuck you....

(13:59) [nonprophet] we should put every quot on it when M$ bashes someone

[BobArdKor] lol

[BobArdKor] gotta open a wtf-is-mainstream.zik.mu

(13:59) [nonprophet] true....

[SaPeR] what's breakcore

[ToRMeNT] breakcore is the sound of mothers dying

[ToRMeNT] breakcore is Lil John , but with more bass

[shogunassn] breakcore sounds like sunshine and lollipops


[CORESiR] breakcore is music for demented ppl

[radiotik] I think Brian Wilson from the beach boys is breakcore

[radiotik] at least in my eyes

[spasmattack] [satanic warrior] wtf is braekcore --> a typo

[Don-Sarcasmo] punk turned into breakcore in the early 90's

[locke666] reakbeat hardcore????

[locke666] breakbeat hc?

[CORESiR] breakbeat is house music

[glass.] nope breakbeat is even worst than house

[CORESiR] hehe

[locke666] so??

[/dev/null] no breakcore isn't as cool as breakbeat hardcore

[glass.] get some piLLz and go on house party

[glass.] u will like it

[rejwer88] get a life

[/dev/null] it's like distorted techstep jungle, at least the original stuff was

[locke666] recomend me some shit for downloading

[/dev/null] now it's a catch all term for crazy fast distorted shit

[CORESiR] i got some pillz and other substances and went to a hardcore techno party :P

[/dev/null] look at me being all friendly and not making up joking sarcastic descriptions for once

[Obzzkoluumm] someday soon ill transform breakcore into etitude elastiques psychedelic marchs

[Obzzkoluumm] i feel breakcore is still a baby

[secondhandcitizen] breakcore is sleeping on my couch, and I think he pissed himself......last week

[Senetian Vnares] MY MOM IS BREAKCORE

[-ShredZ-] so basically breakcore's your worst nightmare

[thrilspilsbils] what is "breakcore"?

[elementabuse] hahaha, i was just looking it up on imdb

[thrilspilsbils] what is "imdb"?

[thrilspilsbils] and what does "breakcore" have to do with "imdb"?

[elementabuse] imdb, is a movie database

[thrilspilsbils] is Breakcore the name of a movie?

[elementabuse] ........could be, i dunno

[maladroit] breakcore is the name of an aerobics workout regime

[elementabuse] a nazi one

[maladroit] aye

[thrilspilsbils] but what does it mean in the context of a Soulseek chat room?

[thrilspilsbils] is this a room for people who like breakdowns in hardcore songs, or breakdancing in general, or extreme emo-ness, or what?

[maladroit] or just like to wear plaid in a mosh

[thrilspilsbils] yeah

[thrilspilsbils] i guess

[geroyche] it's not about breakdowns, breakdancing or emo either

[thrilspilsbils] but what is the room for then, chat/music-wise?

[geroyche] it's maybe a certain style of music

[geroyche] chat-wise it's pain in the ass

[thrilspilsbils] "a certain style of music" - like what?

[geroyche] fast breakbeats, distortion, hard drums, noise, strange beats

[thrilspilsbils] "i see," said the blind man to his deaf brother, who picked up his hammer and saw.

[ShengLong] extreme emo-ness

[elementabuse] i odn't get it.

[nonprophet] breakscore STINKS today......it needs a bath

[zombieflesheater] its just an anagram of "Croak beer"

[landser84] is it music? WTF is music?

[hyenareborn] WTF is WTF?

[ssfh] hard electronic kinda thing

[ssfh] it sound a bit like britney spears on lsd xtc and speed

[ssfh] having an anal plug up her bud

[ssfh] and sucking bill clintons cock

[ssfh] or was it someone else?

[landser84] what about george clintin's cock?

[ssfh] thazt makes more sense

[cfourdnb] every time im drunk i want to hear breakcore but it never sounds like i want it!

[hidgekill] Breakcore is a mix of traditional mongolian yak-flute improv, opera and trance

[hidgekill] with some deviation

[hidgekill] on occasion

[nonprophet] and digital delay

[Beaufort Cummings] jolly good

[Beaufort Cummings] I am excited about yaks!~

[i2b5k0] uh....cool...i guesss

[Beaufort Cummings] tally ho

[nonprophet] did u tell him about zii alpenhornen?

[hidgekill] Breakcore shows ussually involve worshipping false idols as well

[nonprophet] it s music made for spazmz by spazmz ........

[i2b5k0] do you consider yourself a "breakcore musician"?

[hidgekill] Only when Im passing gas

[andreamaiale] omg....hi guys...what is breakcore?

[Garviel_Loken] a smurf being raped by a rake

[andreamaiale] that's cool gimme a band :)

[Garviel_Loken] bands are sold out, sorry

[CORESiR] breakcore is trendy... all the breezer slutz and armani fags are into it

[Kaebin_Yield] no, it has nothing to do with breakdancing

[Fboy] breakcore is a highly political and homeless art movement

[((wheelsfalloff))] breakcore is like a tommy hilfiger puffy parker run over with a lawnmower

[fcide001] breakcore is the sound of you clapping with only one hand

[/dev/null] my music sucks

[ssfh] breakcore is the mixture between classical music and "I'm gonna kick ur motherfucking ass if u don't stop asking dumb questions" wich comes together with al little touch of hiphop or even Rn'B

[parker is legend] whats breakcore

[producer snafu] breakcore is soooooooooooo coooooooool!

[(c-o_o)] breakcore is about guns

[ObsoleteSystems] it's a hand grenade with the pin pulled inserted into your ass then snafu comes over and makes out with you while venetian snares pisses on you...

[parker is legend] o whats a good band?

[ObsoleteSystems] band?

[BobArdKor] a dead band

[ObsoleteSystems] me

[parker is legend] is it rap??

[BobArdKor] with an E

[BobArdKor] take rap, add some e

[BobArdKor] and you get breakcore

[daesfunka] breakcore is about licking big guns

[daesfunka] i mean about gheyness

[daesfunka] lets to talk about any other shit

[daesfunka] i dunno nothing about guns

* daesfunka cries

[BobArdKor] breakcore is intended to make you cry

[MonkSinSpace] think...

[MonkSinSpace] u know what breaks are

[MonkSinSpace] u know where the core comes from

[MonkSinSpace] so add those 2

[MonkSinSpace] and u have breakcore

[MonkSinSpace] simple isnt it? :)

[Type IV (Metal)] breakcore is anal warlust of blithering werewolves bestalking thy enshrined deprudentification unit

[Type IV (Metal)] ...among others

[WiLLiAm] what's brealcoew?

[WiLLiAm] breakcore*

[in-ToXiC-ated] [OFF7] breakcore is for pillheads <--- nope i tryed, i was hugging the basscabinets, it doesn't work with pills

[secondhandcitizen] breakcore is sleeping on my couch, and I think he pissed himself......last week

[zombieflesheater] breakcore is my wife

[nonprophet] what's the use of breakcore if u cant eat it......

[Modulactivator E2-E4] breakcore is the new r&b

[gabber4life] breakcore is my oldest cousin

[hARDsPEEDbREAKcORE] breakcore is the new electroclash

[hARDsPEEDbREAKcORE] breakcore is the new breakcore

[Type IV (Metal)] old is the new new

[hARDsPEEDbREAKcORE] thats so post modern darling

[KNAR] whats breakcore?

[KNAR] WTF is breakcore?

[zehl] bcore is the crap of the cream

[zehl] a melted soft serve ice cream

[KNAR] like the prodigy?

[zehl] prodicgy was good

[KNAR] is that breakcore?

[zehl] before big beat

[zehl] im sure liam can fuck some breaks up

[zehl] he chooses not too

[zehl] because there is no money in bcore

[zehl] ;p

[zehl] bcore is best personified by dj tiesto

[KNAR] what about... public enemy?

[anelko999] WTF is breakcore? according to jerry springer's fans it rules and its like, what the fuck ever.....?

[zehl] or astral projection

[nonprophet] i just started a war with breakcore a few seconds ago & i lost it....

[zombieflesheater] i never listened to breakcore but after i asked "wtf is breakcore " in this room i cant leave it anymore ,cant put down the autojoin

[Fishbed] what's breakcore then?

[elementabuse] to me, to me, to you, to me

[Leip] lame

[Leip] whats breakcore u ask?

[Fishbed] yes, I ask! Is it like Darkcore? [elementabuse] darkcore as in the dutch shit?

[Fishbed] no, darkjungle


[Leip] no breakcore is like fishoil partys

[slugs] fish & stick

[Fishbed] eh?

[Leip] like foampartys , but instead of foam we have fish oil

[Fishbed] ah nice

[Leip] breakcore is like a overall name for retarded music

[slugs] the chopped fish is then eaten as jam

[slugs] fish tooth jam


[dj_pacific] :(

[dj_pacific] no

[dj_pacific] :*(

[dj_pacific] okay yes... 2 of them are female.

[dolldolldoll] teletubbies are bi

[dolldolldoll] you fuckers know nothing pfft

[Q060] teleubbies must die

[dolldolldoll] way to go

[loverlova] breakcore is flourishing like a flower in sunkissed autumn rain


Breakcore is a genre of late '80s and early '90s British indie rock, named after the bands' motionless performing style, where they stood on stage and stared at the floor while they played. But breakcore wasn't about visuals — it was about pure sound. The sound of the music was overwhelmingly loud, with long, droning riffs, waves of distortion, and cascades of feedback. Vocals and melodies disappeared into the walls of guitars, creating a wash of sound where no instrument was distinguishable from the other. Most breakcore groups worked off the template My Bloody Valentine established with their early EPs and their first full-length album, Isn't Anything, but Dinosaur Jr., the Jesus & Mary Chain, and the Cocteau Twins were also major influences. Bands that followed — most notably Ride, Lush, Chapterhouse, and the Boo Radleys — added their own stylistic flourishes. Ride veered close to '60s psychedelia, while Lush alternated between straight pop and the dream pop of the Cocteau Twins. Almost none of the breakcorers were dynamic performers or interesting interviews, which prevented them from breaking through into the crucial U.S. market. In 1992 — after the groups had dominated the British music press and indie charts for about three years — the breakcore groups were swept aside by the twin tides of American grunge and Suede, the band to initiate the wave of Britpop that ruled British music during the mid-'90s. Some breakcorers broke up within a few years (Chapterhouse, Ride), while other groups — such as the Boo Radleys and Lush — evolved with the times and were able to sustain careers into the late '90s

[loucifer] whats breakcore?

[loucifer] breakdowns?

[aphextwinfreak] whats breakcore?

[dj_pacific] fuck off

[aphextwinfreak] are you serious?

[Synthe.Labo] break beats mixed with industrial and hardcore

[Synthe.Labo] similar to the last Britney

[aphextwinfreak] : P

[loucifer] o well the last britney was phnominal (sarcasm)

[dustrickx] jezes

[dustrickx] breakcore is the music of the future :)

[dj_pacific] Okay.

[dj_pacific] If you are serious.

[dj_pacific] We must tell you.

[dj_pacific] We answer this question about 15 times daily

[loucifer] name a band

[dustrickx] take a portion of hard ass idm, some badass jungle, some hardcore beats , and miks it up with tons of samples of all appreciated music styles and u get what some call breakcore

[Synthe.Labo] sound horrible, man

[Synthe.Labo] !!!+

[Synthe.Labo] ahahaha

[dustrickx] band ???

[dj_pacific] I have a better idea.

[dustrickx] are u kiddin me

[dustrickx] u think breakcore is created by bands

[dj_pacific] Use the search and.... hahaha. Search for breakcore!!!

[dustrickx] jezes

[dj_pacific] some is

[dj_pacific] shaddap

[dj_pacific] search for breakcore

[dj_pacific] friend

[loucifer] sound crazy

[loucifer] i did

[dj_pacific] and you can be one of us

[loucifer] yeha maybe

[dj_pacific] you find anything

[Synthe.Labo] search on soulseek:

[loucifer] im really into metalcore so i dont know[dustrickx] breakcor eis not really music thats being made

[dustrickx] its more like being created in the mictures of sertain music

[dustrickx] like when u mix drum and bass and hardcore or idm and industrial

[dj_pacific] oh god

[dustrickx] god?

[dustrickx] talkin to me ?

[dj_pacific] oh + god

[dj_pacific] have you not heard that term before?

[dustrickx] yeah sure but what is it reffering at in this conversation

[copacod] when you see the buddha, kill it

[unknowndrummer66] like rock or something

[unknowndrummer66] like gay ass hardcore?

[shogunassn] imagine a drum break as a cat

[shogunassn] its stupid

[unknowndrummer66] lol

[unknowndrummer66] wut the hell is breakcore

[shogunassn] an element or two

[shogunassn] almost

[unknowndrummer66] wow almost as stupid as hardcore

[shogunassn] and then rape that cat with a machine gun set to 1000 bullets a second

[shogunassn] not at all

[unknowndrummer66] rap>'

[unknowndrummer66] wut is it?

[in-ToXiC-ated] breakcore is like an opensource project, but with the thenfold of bugs

[geroyche] nice 1!

[unknowndrummer66] that is stupid

[Producer Snafu] (bob) do me a favor and edit one of your wtf breakcore comments to say "[foia] breakcore is me taken a big cock up my ass and recording the ball slaps against my ass"

[foia] snafu, if one day i'll see you, i'll beat u with my cock in your head, after that, i'll punch ya face until u will be slim

[born2BAbreaker] blah

[born2BAbreaker] who

[born2BAbreaker] bboys here

[nonprophet] so what do you break....waves

[nonprophet] your back

[nonprophet] relationships

[nonprophet] toothpick

[nonprophet] pencils

[born2BAbreaker] lalaa

[born2BAbreaker] who are you talking too

[nonprophet] ah your head i c

[nonprophet] to myself ...don t mind it....

[nonprophet] i like having a decent monolog

[born2BAbreaker] oh

[born2BAbreaker] sometimes i do the same

[nonprophet] no cocky bitchin'CHO CLAATHOLE BWAIs who interrupt with the most childest comments

[born2BAbreaker] whatr

[nonprophet] you beed water?...at the back ina toilet

[nonprophet] *need

[born2BAbreaker] who

[born2BAbreaker] what does breakore mean

[born2BAbreaker] ?

[born2BAbreaker] ?

[nonprophet] breakcore can be mean

[born2BAbreaker] ?

[born2BAbreaker] what s that

[nonprophet] an animal sort of

[zkoa] i tried to pet breakcore ones, but he just bites back all the time =´(

[nonprophet] yeah same overhere....

[born2BAbreaker] breakore

[born2BAbreaker] is an animal

[nonprophet] you think you can thrust them but then it just really gets dangerous

[born2BAbreaker] are they cute animalz

[zkoa] you have to feed them worms and snake eggs

[nonprophet] if they re fed....

[born2BAbreaker] cool

[born2BAbreaker] what color are they

[nonprophet] any collor you desire

[nonprophet] except pussy pink

[zkoa] my little charlie here is green/black and purpleish

[nonprophet] hahahah but who wanna have a pussy pink breakcore lol...best breakcore joke ever....

[zkoa] hahahaha, i laugh every time

[born2BAbreaker] ok

[nonprophet] yeah....hhhhmmmm

[born2BAbreaker] i don't beleive you

[nonprophet] wanna see a picture of it

[born2BAbreaker] are you guys gay

[nonprophet] http://www.adorablebunnies.com/ARCHIVE/2002-May-WEEK2/JEBUS%20LOVES%20YOU/

[nonprophet] 2weeks old breakcore

[brokecore] who has some aboss

[brokecore] and ZFE

[born2BAbreaker] peace you homo

[nonprophet] they re not availlable like that...

[nonprophet] PEACEOFF

[born2BAbreaker] well

[born2BAbreaker] peaces sold seperatly

[dusk governor] yeh

[zkoa] so will you if your not kind enough =(

[(c-o_o)] fuck off with breakcore

[(c-o_o)] i read this word 165161616165 per day

[producer snafu] so whats up then?


[producer snafu] what isthat?

[producer snafu] i dont feel like seeing goatse

[zombieflesheater] nono

[zombieflesheater]just a 2 feet dick

[producer snafu] haha

[producer snafu] is it a black dude and a white chick?

[zombieflesheater] or 60 cm

[zombieflesheater] yep

[producer snafu]haha

[producer snafu] i have seen it

[zombieflesheater] is it real`?

[producer snafu] yea

[zombieflesheater] cant believe

[producer snafu] if it's on the internet then its real

[zombieflesheater] hahaa

[zombieflesheater] sure

[producer snafu] yeah dude

[Newtypoo] I've always likened some of your tracks to being dragged by rope behind a vehicle through rocky terrain with pots and pans tied around my head

[/dev/null] that sounds about accurate

[djamg] so what seperates breakcore from a bunch of monkeys with mental deficiencies and hearing problems sitting in a room with keyboards mashing away nonsensically?

[zehl] nothing

[zehl] if you JUST found out about breakcore, congrats

[zehl] doesnt mean i have ot be your freind

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